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Servicing from £29.95

At Boldon based Moto Tech we offer a variety of garage services; not simply checking your tyres. We carry out servicing, brake checks, clutch and battery and fluid level checks as well as full and interim services.

We can provide car servicing for almost any make and model of vehicle. We follow manufacturer’s service schedules, paying attention to timing belt changes, diagnostic checks, air conditioning checks, brake fluid changes etc or we can offer our own “tailored” service schedules to suit your vehicles needs.

Full Vehicle Service

This fully comprehensive service ensures that every part of your car is checked and tested. By putting your car through this annually, it helps to not only keep you safe but means that your car remains in top condition for longer. Call us to find out more about our Full Service.

Interim Car Service

If you are a driver that covers a lot of miles each year, sometimes a Full Service just isn’t enough. That is where the Interim Service comes in. It helps to maintain a car in between Full Services. Call us to find out more about our Interim Car Service.

Oil Change Service

Changing your engine oil regularly ensures that you get the most out of your vehicle for as long as possible. Call us to find out more about our Oil Change Service.