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Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions:

Brakes for LIFE

  • Our BRAKES FOR LIFE lifetime replacement really does last for as long as you own a car.
  • You pay for your first set of pads or shoes.
  • We supply and fit your next set of brake pads or shoes when you need them, for free.
  • We offer free brake pads or shoes after you’ve bought your first set, for your car.
  • All we ask is that you repair or replace any other brake parts when necessary and tell us when you change your car.
  • All the brake parts we use match the original specification, fitted by our skilled technicians.
  • The lifetime replacement is designed to give you peace of mind for life.

We must carry out all brake pad or shoe repairs if you want to take advantage of the lifetime replacement. We will replace brake pads or shoes when they get to the minimum acceptable level as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. You must bring with you your initial invoice and details of any other brake repairs carried out if you want free brake pads or shoe repairs under the lifetime replacement.


The lifetime replacement does not cover: wear indicator sensors or wires; or pads or shoes for ceramic brakes. The lifetime replacement is not available for vehicles owned or leased by a company or driving school, or contract hire or rental vehicles (including taxis) and vehicles used for commercial purposes, track days or competitive sports. The free replacement pads only apply to the front or rear set that were originally changed. If both sets were changed it applies to both sets. The lifetime replacement is covered by a fair-use policy and may be withdrawn if there is regular, excessive wear, or you regularly bring in many different vehicles. If there is a dispute, the decision of Moto Tech is final.